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Induction Heat Treat

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Induction Heat Treating
Case (Surface) Hardening
  • Shafts up to 36" long & 6" diameter
  • Gears up to 24" diameter
  • Sprockets
  • Splined shafts
  • Bearing journals
  • Hand tools
Uniform Hardening
Case (Surface) Hardening
Vibratory Deburring & Finishing
Quick and Efficient Cleaning and Polishing.
  • No more time and energy wasted with antiquated manual techniques.
Before & After Vibratory Deburring & Finishing
Before & After Vibratory Deburring & Finishing
Tempering & Annealing
  • Bring parts into precise hardness
  • Increase the elasticity and ductility of materials
  • Reduce stress locked-in at the molecular level
In-house Custom Coil Design
With a large variety of shapes and sizes already on hand to meet your needs.
Electric Precision Quincy Draw Furnace
Electric Precision Quincy Draw Furnaces